What does it do?

The All Access Pass gives you the opportunity to download our great templates at a better price and in a more convenient way. Once you purchase a pass, each template that is available with the pass of your choice, will no longer show a BUY NOW button. It will show a DOWNLOAD NOW button instead.

Do I need one?

If you only need 1 template, the All Access Pass is not for you. If you need to showcase more than one chat conversation to a variety of customers, an All Access Pass will be of great help to you. It will be very easy for you to get new templates in seconds, for the best available price.

Is it recurring?

The passes are not recurring, in the sense that they expire after a certain amount of time. For example 4 weeks, 3 months, 1 year. After this period, the pass will no longer work and you need to renew it. We do not auto-renew it at this time, so you will not be charged more than once by us.

Want to see if we have an Access Pass that fits your needs? Please follow this link and see what we have to offer you and help your business move forward.