Why use a chat template?

A question that appears on several places: why should I use a template instead of just doing it myself?

It’s a valid question, one that certainly can be addressed.

If you are a developer yourself and have enough free time to figure out all the ins and outs of chatbot features, it is a great idea to start playing around in ManyChat, or Chatfuel. But what if your time is limited? Or you get all dizzy when you see a flow chart? Or API’s are things you only read about, if at all. Let alone know how they work?!

The people here at Chattemplates.com have been working with chatbots from the getgo. We KNOW how they work, we know what features are best to entice a prospect to buy an automated messenger from you. In short: we will supply you with a chat that has been proven to work for your demographic.

Then there’s the TIME aspect. A template like the ones we sell is not always easy to make. You’ll easily spend a day working out the flow, setup the steps and connect it with your external services. It all comes down to how you value your time, and knowledge.

If our template only costs 97$ (or much less with our All Access Passes) and it takes you 6 hours to make yourself, the question is do you value yourself higher than $16/hour?