Woo Shopping inside ManyChat?

Exclusively @ChatTemplates

ChatTemplates is the only website where you can get a subscription to WooBotify: the Number 1 platform to integrate your Woocommerce store with ManyChat.

Let your contacts shop your catalog inside Manychat in minutes. You can setup a wellversed amount of personal preferences inside the WooBotify.com platform. With your Chattemplates license, you will increase your revenue in a heartbeat.

Don’t let customers drift off to your website when they can take action right in your ManyChat conversation.

New Program - New Website

New ManyChat Apps Program

Great news, we have moved all our ManyChat Apps into a new program

Most of our users are agencies with the need for more than 1 App and usually more than one ManyChat account. We listened to all of you and decided it was time to give access to all apps in a more simple manner.

Over 22 apps like gamification (Wheel of Fortune/Slots), lead management in several CRMs, webview forms, utility tools, statistical data, webinars and more.